9th – 11th AUGUST 2024 |  

New on the cultural events scene in the East Sepik Province is the, Sepik Plain Saksak Festival in Yangit Village.

Now in its second year, the festival’s theme for 2024 is: ‘Promoting Sustainable Tourism and Rural Economic Development’.

Visitors will be treated to over a dozen cultural performances from tribes across the Wosera Gawi District.


For more information, transport, accommodation and bookings, contact Mr. Gideon Charles Marlow, call +675 7003-9942 or email: saksakeventsandtours@gmail.com 

19th – 21st SEPTEMBER, 2024 |

The Mona Festival returns to Buka town, in the Autonomous Region of Bougainville.

Join the people of Bougainville as they unite to proudly honor their ancestors with a show of cultural strength, also symbolizing their region’s imminent Independence.

Key highlights of the festival including beautifully carved and painted traditional canoes being paddled across the Buka passage by upstanding men of the Buka community.

Join in the celebrations at Hutjena Oval, Bel Isi Park – witness the cultural pride of the people of the Autonomous Region of Bougainville, ‘Time to Discover’.


For tours and information email, Bougainville Experience Tours: bougtours@hotmail.com or call +675 7365 6050 / +675 7819 2597 

For information on cultural groups and stall registration contact the Bougainville Arts Culture Tourism Authority: +675 7299-3401 / +675 7304-1823 / +675 7333-1836 


2024 Mona Festival

2024 Bougainville Mona Festival, 19th-21st September 2024

16th September 2024

Papua New Guinea celebrates its 49th Independence Day anniversary this 2024.

Join in the festivities by wearing our Papua New Guinea flag colors – red, white, yellow and black.

Official Independence Day anniversary activities begins with the ‘Flag Raising Ceremony’ at Independence Hill, near the National Parliament House in Port Moresby.   Residents and visitors in Port Moresby gather at dawn to witness government officials raise PNG’s national flag to commemorate the country’s independence in 1975.

Papua New Guinea’s history was marred by colonial imperialism since its discovery by European traders.  Colonial PNG was known as ‘Papua’ and ‘New Guinea’ – both were a combined territory of Australia since 1906.  The territory of ‘Kaiser-Wilhelmsland’ was surrendered to Australia and British rule after World War One, and renamed as ‘New Guinea’ – all the names of the German ruled islands were also changed, e.g. New Britain, New Ireland, etc.  Visit our National Museum & Art Gallery to learn more about our fascinating history.


27th July 2024 

The Vision City SME Fair returns to Port Moresby!

Come along and support Papua New Guinean SME’s selling and promoting a wonderful range of arts, crafts, products and services.

Located on the grounds of the city’s popular mega mall – Vision City, the Fair provides an interesting interval for shoppers with easy access from the outside parking lot.

Enjoy live entertainment, local cuisine and friendly conversations with the local SME community.


For further information, contact POM City Markets Pascoe Promotions, email: mariem@pascoegroup.com or call +675 7906-5091

1st to 3rd November, 2024

The Kenu and Kundu Festival returns to Alotau, 1st – 3rd of November, 2024, Milne Bay Province.

Traditional canoes and Kundu drums are significant symbols of communication and trade to the people of Milne Bay.

The Canoe and the Kundu are widely used in traditional ceremonies and rituals.  They are meticulously crafted from special woods under strict customs to derive the best results.

The Kenu and Kundu Festival was first held in Milne Bay in 2003.  The canoes that are used in the festival are crafted in the same way that the canoes were crafted many years ago by the ancestors of the Milne Bay people.

The colours and patterns reflect the tribe and the area the canoe comes from. The canoes and traditional dancing groups come from all over the Milne Bay province, including some parts of the Papuan Region and other areas of the country – creating a rich variety of performances.

Prizes are given to winning groups and the canoes are assembled a day earlier at Wagawaga village, to form a convoy before sailing to Alotau for the official opening ceremony.

Other activities include:


For further information, contact the Milne Bay Tourism Bureau, email: mkunuyobu86@gmail.com 


9th to 11th April, 2025

The Bundi Komba Festival is an annual cultural event hosted by the Kumura Foundation – a local charity organisation founded by Vincent Kumura, a proud Bundi local from Madang Province.

The annual festival promotes and strengthens the cultural traditions of the Bundi people living in the furthermost interior of Madang.  Some fascinating cultural performances include the Bundi Burning Head Dancers, and other dances from the villages of Emigari, Kaima Miri and more.

Sponsorship funding from the festival is used to support health outreach, medical supplies and build local infrastructure for local villages in the Bundi area.

The Bundi Komba festival promotes local traditional knowledge, especially local cuisine, celebrating highly valued traditional crops like the ‘komba’ or marita fruit, as well as an abundance of unique plant-life from the area.

Attending the festival is challenging yet rewarding, and involves taking a 4WD from either Madang or Simbu, crossing difficult terrain, then trekking through remote jungles.  An above average level of fitness is required for the journey.  Despite the difficulty in getting there, experiencing the festival, however, is a remarkable once-in-a-lifetime achievement.  Guests will always travel in the company of the Kumura Foundation team, especially the founder, Vincent Kumura.


For further information contact, email: kumurafoundation@gmail.com 


10th – 16th August, 2024

Papua New Guinea is a country of diversity. Over 800 languages, home to the third largest rainforest in the world. It has more than 20,000 plant species, 800 species of coral, 600 species of fish and 750 species of birds.

It is the country of the unexpected.

PNG Trekking Adventures invites you to attend the inaugural Mt Wilhelm Cultural Show.  Experience a showcase of some of the best of Papua New Guinea’s Highlands cultural diversity, the beautiful birds and amazing plant life.

The Mount Wilhelm show is not open to a cast of 1000s as it will be an intimate experience limited to 18 guests only.

From $AUD 3500.00 per person


For more information and full itinerary:
Email: info@pngtrekkingadventures.com
WhatsApp: +67576866171

2nd June 2024 

Sunday Vibes Markets in Port Moresby is the perfect occasion for market enthusiasts who love Papua New Guinea arts and crafts.
Make your Sunday in our nation’s capital an unforgettable one with great craft finds – there’s sure to be something for everyone!
Come join the POM City Markets team for a day filled with fun, flavors, friendly faces and fantastic finds!
📍 Food Republic carpark, Port Moresby
🗓 2nd June 2024
⏰ 8am to 5pm
Free face painting.
Live entertainment.
For more information, contact: POM City Markets Pascoe Promotions, email mariem@pascoegroup.com or call +675 7906 5091

27th September 2024

The PNG Tourism Promotion Authority (PNGTPA) is a national agency mandated by the Government of Papua New Guinea to market and promote Papua New Guinea as an ideal travel destination.  As a member of the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), the PNGTPA always holds a special observance for World Tourism Day every 27th of September.   On this special day, the PNGTPA joins in the global tourism celebrations with other members of the UNWTO.

The PNGTPA will often work together with tourism institutions, industry associations, as well as provincial tourism offices to host World Tourism Day activities to promote the significance of tourism to Papua New Guinea’s economic sector.  In 2023, the PNGTPA hosted a special World Tourism Day program with the Lae City Authority and select members of the Lae tourism industry.

World Tourism Day highlights the important role of tourism in building resilient national economies and empowering local communities, especially encouraging sustainable tourism through equal participation and involvement in tourism businesses and activities consistent with the United Nation’s sustainable development goals.   The PNGTPA has also developed a Tourism Sector Development Plan to guide the the organization in developing tourism in the country – this plans aligns with the national economic development plans, as well as global and regional plans involving the tourism sector.

This 2024’s World Tourism Day theme is, ‘Tourism and Peace’.

Find out how you can be a part of World Tourism Day with the PNG Tourism Promotion Authority, email: info@papuanewguinea.travel  


Watch our 2019 World Tourism Day video (click below):

🎞️ 2019 World Tourism Day with the PNG Tourism Promotion Authority


22nd to 24th March, 2024

The 2024 Hiri Moale Festival takes place, March 22nd – 24th in the nation’s capital, Port Moresby.

The Festival celebrates the epic trading voyages of the seafaring Motuans who journeyed to the Gulf Province on the famous iconic sea vessel – the ‘lakatoi’.

The lakatoi was a large sailing canoe with many hulls to store mainly clay pots which the Motuans made and traded with the people of the Gulf in exchange for sago.  There were a variety of other traditional goods that were also exchanged during the famous Hiri trade.

The Hiri trade route took many months to complete and was a very difficult journey for the Motuans and at times fraught with danger from storms and rough winds, especially for the return home as the cargo was much heavier.

Motuan culture – from songs, dances and rituals reflect largely on the Hiri trade and cover celebration, lamentation and tributes to gods and ancestors.

The Festival is not just a celebration and showcase of Motuan culture but involves other tribes whom the Motuans traded with throughout their history, which include the people of the Gulf, Mekeo, Hula and Koiari.

The Hiri trading voyages forged friendship and lineal ties going back thousands of years.  Much of this is evident today with the Hiri Motu language, a vernacular understood by the Motuans and their south westerly trading partners.

The Hiri Hanenamo contest is a popular attraction at the Festival, where young Motuan women vie to be crowned ‘Hiri Queen’ based on their knowledge and display of traditional Motuan culture.


2024 Program (click image) 

2024 Hiri Moale Festival Event Program Papua New Guinea

50th Hiri Moale Festival, March 22nd to 24th, Port Moresby.


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