Papua New Guinea Tourism Promotion Authority (PNGTPA) and Air Niugini have signed a Collaborative Agreement to strengthen PNG’s tourism in an official ceremony on Tuesday 22 April, Port Moresby.

Air Niugini and TPA’s partnership is aimed to raise awareness and interests in PNG’s unique culture and natural beauty. This partnership also seeks to stimulate the growth of tourism in the country.

TPA’s Chief Executive Officer, Mr Eric Mossman Uvovo described this partnership as a necessary tool to promote the country as a tourist destination.

“Today marks a significant milestone in our efforts to elevate Papua New Guinea as a premier destination.

Through this collaboration, we aim to improve the quality and diversity of our tourism products and services, as well as our infrastructure and connectivity, to realize the country’s full potential,” said Uvovo.

Both Air Niugini and PNGTPA recognizes the importance of sustainable tourism in PNG, which creates positive impacts for local communities, the environment, and the country’s rich heritage. This initiative strengthens the potential of tourism development in driving the country’s economy and social progress, generating income and employment.

Market intelligence and customer feedback will be shared between Air Niugini and PNGTPA to create effective marketing strategies. Collaborative efforts will result in attractive brochures, flyers, videos, and other materials showcasing Papua New Guinea’s diverse destinations and experiences.

Air Niugini’s Acting CEO, Gary Seddon reiterated the importance of the partnership between TPA and Air Niugini.

“At Air Niugini, we recognize our pivotal role as one of the largest players in tourism, and we are fully committed to leveraging this position.
Through this partnership, we aim to address the core challenges and drive significant development gains in the tourism sector,” said Seddon.

Seddon also introduced Air Niugini’s plan to bring in more aircrafts to drive tourism throughout the country.

“With the introduction of our new fleet, both wide-body and narrow-body aircraft, we are poised to connect tourists from around the world to the breathtaking seas and mountains of PNG. We are laying the groundwork now to reap the benefits in the future,” said Seddon.

Air Niugini will also offer special incentives to media representatives, travel agents, tour operators, and influencers promoting Papua New Guinea. The airline will also support PNGTPA in organizing trade shows, roadshows, familiarization trips, and other events to raise awareness among potential visitors and industry stakeholders.

Travelers booking flights to Papua New Guinea through Air Niugini’s platforms will also enjoy special fares, packages, and deals, along with relevant travel tips to enrich their journey. Additionally, Air Niugini aims to expand its network and connectivity to key source markets, ensuring flight schedules meet traveller demands.

To address concerns regarding law and order, the collaboration will support campaigns promoting a positive image of Papua New Guinea, building confidence and trust among potential visitors.

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