Sports Tourism

Increasing sporting events in Papua New Guinea offers opportunity and benefits for tourism


Sports is an important national pastime in Papua New Guinea, its growth in popularity has benefited local economies through, infrastructure development, civil cohesion, revenue generation, and more.    

Papua New Guinea has a lot to offer and gain from the fast-growing sector of Sports Tourism.  Visitors – whether participants or spectators at a sporting event or activity, contribute directly and indirectly to the economy of the local host destination, i.e., province, city, township, community, village, etc.  Local businesses, especially in the accommodationfood and beverage, and transport space benefit immensely from sports tourism.  

The nation’s capital, Port Moresby, has some of the best sporting facilities in the country to cater for sporting events – from indoor courtside and aquatic sports centers, to football stadiums.  Furthermore, the abundance of terrain and open water available throughout Papua New Guinea offer opportunity for cross-country sports, sailing, surfing, canoe racing, and more.  

One of the most popular sports in Papua New Guinea is undeniably rugby league. The country boasts a passionate fan base and hosts several rugby league tournaments throughout the year. Visitors can experience firsthand the electrifying atmosphere of matches and witness the exceptional skills of local players. The National Football Stadium in Port Moresby, the capital city, is a renowned venue that frequently hosts major rugby league events.  

While exploring the sporting attractions in Papua New Guinea, visitors can also immerse themselves in the vibrant local culture, nearby attractions, sample traditional and temporary arts, crafts and performances.   

The PNG Tourism Promotion Authority has always been an advocate of Sports Tourism in Papua New Guinea – supporting major sporting events that include: 

  • 2015 Pacific Games 
  • Papua New Guinea Golf Open  
  • National Game Fishing Titles  
  • FIFA U-21 Women’s World Cup, 2016 
  • 2017 PNG Games 
  • 2017 Longboard Surfing Championships  
  • PNG RFL and NRL International Games 
  • 2023 Pacific Championships 

PNG Tourism Promotion Authority is working closely with the following government agencies and organizations to develop Sports Tourism in Papua New Guinea: 

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