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The PNG Tourism Promotion Authority is a statutory body that markets and promotes Papua New Guinea as a desirable holiday destination in the global tourism industry since 1993. It is also responsible for encouraging the growth and expansion of tourism development in PNG.  The Authority does this by taking its alignment from the Tourism Sector Development Plan (TSDP) 2022-2026 among other policy and planning frameworks including;

Key Objectives

The PNGTPA has successfully launched the Tourism Sector Development Plan (TSDP) 2022-2026, as a recovery approach to build back the Tourism Industry better amidst the global pandemic impacts and would like to ensure that all its efforts necessary to develop and improve the national tourism industry in 2022 and beyond are consistent, effective, efficient, and profitable for the economy empowerment of the tourism industry in PNG and the national economy in general.

A copy of this document can be accessed via link:

Therefore, it is in the Authority’s priority for this year that this overarching plan is communicated to all stakeholders that are within the tourism sector in order for true ownership and implementation to be effected as envisioned in the TSDP. 

The key objective of this assignment is to develop a very simplified and user-friendly version of the TSDP 2022-2026 for ease of access in reading and understanding by the PNG community with a strong focus on landowners and local host communities that will be accessing this awareness material including the general public at large. 

This assignment to develop the Tourism Sector Development Plan 2022-2026 Volume 2 must be developed to ensure that the document is;

This assignment is the inaugural benchmark for PNGTPA to start a nationwide marketing campaign of the TSDP for all stakeholders in the tourism sector including government, businesses, donor partners, community groups, youths, women, landowners etc. for better consumption of the goals, objectives and targets of the TSDP. 

This assignment is the first awareness campaign for a tourism plan of national importance that guides all tourism development therefore PNGTPA would like to ensure that a suitably qualified and experienced individual consultant be engaged to develop a very simplified and user-friendly version of the TSDP for general public consumption and to aid with PNGTPA’s annual community awareness activities and projects in PNG. 

The Authority understands that PNG local communities are a key stakeholder in the implementation of this plan and want to ensure that this assignment accurately prepares and delivers the document that can be well comprehended by nationwide citizens from the village and ward levels to the national levels of government.

For further information, please email the PNGTPA Policy & Planning Division: or call +675 320-0211 

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