Tonda Wildlife Management Area


Laying in the south-west of the Western province, the Tonda Wildlife Management Area is an internationally significant wetland and the largest protected area in PNG.

Covering some 590,000 hectares, Tonda includes forests and wetlands in the Fly flood plains. It’s sparsely populated and you will be a rare sight on two legs as a visitor to the area.

Comparable to world heritage sites in Africa and Brazil, Tonda’s earmarked to become a world heritage site thanks to its diversity in flora and fauna, especially its bird life. A whopping 250 species of resident and migratory birds have been found here, including most of the world’s population of Little Curlew which stage on the plains during migration. Other birds include the iconic Birds of Paradise and magnificent Brolga. Wildlife buffs will be impressed by the diversity of mammals living in the area that are not found anywhere else in the country, including the Spectacled Hare-Wallaby, False Water Rat, Bronze Quoll and Chestnut Dunnart.

Western Province is the last home of the mighty Papuan Black. Killed off in many places, this dangerous and beautiful snake is now only found in some places of Papua region and especially in the Western Province. You can also spot various types of crocodiles and reptiles including goannas and unclassified species of small lizards.