Vegetarian Eats



Eating out in Port Moresby has come a long way in the last 10 years thanks to the efforts of a growing group of ambitious young foodies.

All around the city, you’ll find a tasty spectrum of international cuisines to suit your every hankering. And for the vegetarian, the options are expanding. Here are 10 ideas to keep you satiated in Port Moresby.

Wellness Village Kitchen
Complete your stay in Port Moresby with a local meal from the ground ovens at Wellness Lodge. Though most of the menu looks carnivorous, you can request veggie only and sample the delicious slow cooked smoky-coconut flavoured kai. Be sure to ask for a kulau (young coconut) and a serving of pit pit.

Duffy Café
You won’t be in Port Moresby long before hearing about Duffy, the first independent café and French bakery to spring up in our capital back in 2010. They do a yummy veggie pie. If you’re super hungry try tackling their enormous felafel kebab. And if you’re after a treat, you’ll love their waffles, sweet donuts and cakes.

The Edge by the Sea
If you make it past the ice-cream and into the café, you’ll find they have a simple but faultless menu with several vegetarian options. Try the veggie burrito bowl or soft shell tacos, or go for a combo of fresh daily salads. Their weekend breakfast specials are a nice treat and the chef can adapt any of their meals to meatless.

Mojo Social
This gentrified bar and eatery serves some tasty vegetarian pizzas and has a lively happy-hour atmosphere. The chef sources most of his ingredients locally and the service is top-notch.

Tasty Bite
True to its name, this Indian restaurant serves a delicious range of dhal and vegetable curries with all the spicy fixings. Their sister restaurant, Tandoor, is down the road at Harbourside and offers a tasty all-you-can-eat lunch buffet. Go hungry.

Fusion Bistro
Tucked in a corner at Harbour City, this Chinese-Western restaurant is a popular spot for lunch and dinner. Their fried tofu on garlic veggies and rice will get you hooked. Be sure to specify ‘no meat’ and ‘no seafood’ when you order off the menu.

Korean Garden (Vision City)
When you think of Korean BBQ it’s usually meat on meat, but all you vegetarians know that Koreans can dish up a memorable vegetarian meal just as well. Try their vegetarian bibimbab and kimchi pancake. The vegetarian kimbab here includes crabmeat (be warned), but their kimchi is the best you’ll have outside of Korea.

One of the longest standing restaurants in the city is this Japanese heavyweight, Daikoku. Try their Jade Jewel Box at lunch for a delightful and intricately presented selection of tofus, pickles and tempura vegetables for under K30.

Airways Poolside Restaurant
Fancy as it seems, the service here can be a little trying, but they have some delicious vegetarian pizzas (flatbread) and the veggie samosas are perfect for in-between meals. Paired with a cocktail this is a great spot right next to Jackson’s Airport to watch the planes come and go.

Green Haus
Located inside Stanley Hotel, Green Haus serves up a mean potato and lentil curry in an edible bowl. Enough said.