August Paiya Mini Cultural Show

20th August 2020 

The Paiya Mini Cultural Show is a special cultural show hosted by the Paiya village community of Western Highlands Province. 

Paiya is a half-an-hour drive from the township of Mount Hagen and a well-known tourism spot.  The village has a pristine rural setting with a residing war chief infamous for his cultural opulence renown to men of chiefly status in the province.  

The Paiya Mini Cultural Show is an event held during the week of the Hagen Show.  Performances are intimate and tourists are given the opportunity to mingle with dancers and practitioners.

The highlight is the traditional feasting where visitors are treated to a Highlands 'mumu' - sampling some of the best produce of the region. 

The event is not open to public access without prearranged bookings. 


For bookings and further information contact Mr. Pym Mamindi of Paiya Tours, Ph: +675 7685-8183 / +675 542-0785 or email [email protected]