Food and Beverage


  • A one stop restaurant for PNG Traditional Dishes. PNG people love their food and have an immense variety of unique traditional dishes that are just begging to be tried. One could start a small bistro or mini restaurant that specialises in the serving of famous dishes from around the country.


  • Investors have the opportunity to capitalise on the superb Arabica and Elimbari beans grown in Papua New Guinea to set up coffee houses that not only serve superb coffee, but roast and blend Papua New Guinea-grown coffee on premises. Such coffee houses could also feature detailed information and photographic images of the source plantations.


  • Showcase the Mumu. Currently in Mount Hagan (Papua New Guinea’s third-largest centre), restaurant options are mostly associated with hotels and guesthouses. A similar situation exists in Goroka. Both centres draw large crowds for cultural festivals and tours. An opportunity exists to open restaurants in these centres that showcase the traditional mumu feast during peak times or for prebooked tour groups. The cultural theme could be expanded by holding demonstrations showing how some of Papua New Guinea’s staple foods are prepared.