Bensbach River Expeditions


Bring your fishing tackle and hit the Bensbach River to test your ability to wrestle in some of our barramundi, ox eye herring and saratoga.

Spend your day on the river and your evening enjoying the hospitality at Bensbach Wildlife Lodge, a small, comfortable place built from local materials. Fresh, locally caught fish and game are part of the regular menu here.

Visit the crocodile research station at Lake Murray, Papua New Guinea’s largest lake, in the centre of the province. During the wet season, this lake spreads to five times its 647km2. This enormous lake is named after a cryptid known as “Murray” that purportedly resembles a Tyrannosaurus, so keep your eyes peeled for a sighting.

An expedition into the Middle Fly area along the flood plains of the Aramia River, will bring you to Balimo Station. This area is the home of the Gogodala people, famous for their intricate but fascinating cultural beliefs, their art and their ancient practice of building giant long houses that accommodated the whole village. Between April and May, the area comes to life, attracting visitors from all around the world, for the Gogodala Canoe Festival, featuring beautifully crafted canoes in a series of races between the four tribes of the region.

Follow the Fly River to its source, high up in The Star Mountains, a magnificent limestone formation that crosses the border into Indonesia. One of the must see phenomena is the Hindenburg Wall, an immense cliff reaching 1km high and 40km long. Explore the dense undergrowth of moss and ferns of the rainforest environment, home to bats, possums, tree kangaroos, tree cuscus and a striking array of orchids and more. You’ll find mysteriously large caves, sinkholes and stunning gorges here, created by water eroding limestone. One cave, the Luplupwintem contains the last surviving Bulmer’s fruit bats.

The Fly River is the third largest river in Papua New Guinea (and 23rd largest in the world). Its ecosystem boasts an incredible array of life including 120 fish species and waterbirds, the Fly River pig-nosed turtles, crocodiles, frogs, prawns, and reptiles of all kinds. It has around 39 delta islands, the largest of which is Kiwai Island. Kiwaians take their ancestral dancing seriously and are famous for their fierce ancient warriors.

Explore Another giant river of Western Province, The Bamu River. It’s famous for the legends and stories of its river monsters including giant snakes and eels that call its dark, turbulent waters home. In the Wawoi District of Middle Fly, observe the giant Wawoi Falls. Some argue it is the largest waterfall in PNG.